The Company

INFTOUR SPAIN S.L. is a family business in which 2 generations have been working nowadays.
Our company was established in 2005.

Currently, we offer a complete cycle of real estate services:

- Sale of real estate:
o Our agency has a large portfolio of clients and investors willing to acquire new properties in a short period.
o Your property will be dealt with by an international team of 15 leading real estate agencies in Calpe appearing in the main Spanish and international real estate portals.

- Purchase of real estate:
o We find the perfect property for you in a short period thanks to our extensive database and information provided by more than 15 collaborating companies.
o We take care of preparing the whole package of documents necessary for the purchase of the property.
o Checking of existing debts or encumbrances on the property, you are interested in.
o If necessary, we offer you our help to obtain a bank mortgage.
o We assist in the signing of the trade at the notary.
o We will be your reliable ally at the end of the journey in the acquisition of your property.

- Holiday rentals
o We evaluate your property and calculate the recommended price by providing a price comparison of similar properties.
o We make suggestions on the best options to increase the rental value of your property and the occupancy rate during the year.o We will take care of your property during the rental period.
o We publish your property directly on our website for direct bookings.
o Your property will be seen by as many tenants as possible on world-famous partner platforms such as, Airbnb, Vrbo, Homego, Rentalia, Expedia, Tripadvisor, Google and many other partner sites.
o You will be able to access your property in the database, monitor its performance in real-time and get up-to-date information about your bookings.

- Construction. Investment projects.
o Investment market analysis.
o We carry out all types of construction and renovation work.
o We prepare the whole package of documents, from design to licensing and commissioning.
o We carry out works to change the purpose of the property. For example, we convert a non-residential property into a residential property by all Spanish regulations and laws.




Contact us and we answer all your questions:


Aleksandr Paslavskiy
Construction Director

Tatiana Paslavska
Sales and Holiday Rentals Director.
She communicates with clients in Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian

Olga Danko
Sales and Holiday Rentals Director.
Communicates with clients in Spanish, Valencian, English, French, Russian and Ukrainian


Yaroslav Paslavskiy Danko
Design Development, IT - Support